Completed Journeys

"Beautifully held, and for me, a very timely reminder of the power arising from Stillness and what magic that brings to life. There was a lovely sense of organic unfolding, a sense of inner power coming from a deep relationship to Stillness."

Christopher - Attorney

"I was very impressed by the quality of everything, excellent food, beautiful place. Everything was done to please the senses. It's all perfect and done with simplicity and modesty. I feel I needed to re-boot myself and it worked."

Nadja - Writer, Producer and Philanthropist

"Very well paced, very allowing and respectful, very mindful of our process, excellent teaching."

Fidelma - Therapist

"The Journey into Stillness was like taking a lovely old clock and gently stopping the hands from turning. Just for an instant. Long enough to allow a glorious feeling of just 'being'. Having the space back to breathe again, to become aware of oneself and reconnect with the life around us."

AM - Mother

"I can't recommend this retreat highly enough to anybody wanting to step off the 'rat wheel' and reconnect with themselves."

Kina - Psychotherapist

"My dears Vanessa and Jane, you have cleansed me inside out. You have given me the tools to have a new beginning."

Irene - Retired Widow

"I felt a rebirth from this new space fuelled by an intense new was a re-awakening and a resurgence of creative energy that had otherwise been drowned out by my whirlwind life."

AM - Mother

The Founders

jane shaw

Jane Shaw

My passion in life is the well-being of others, supporting and empowering them to live healthier, happier and more balanced lives.

I teach on craniosacral practitioner trainings internationally, have a clinical practice in Northern Ireland working with trauma recovery, and run international conferences and seminars on mind-body medicine. My own healing journey has included a dedicated yoga and meditation practice, work with Huichol initiated shamans, dream work, embodied listening practices and of course craniosacral therapy biodynamics.

My teaching approach is one of deep presence and embodied listening, using principles of biodynamic craniosacral therapy, Self Regulation Therapy® and other nature based, core regulating, body therapies and practices. I like to bridge the latest developments in neuroscience and new medicine with lessons from indigenous ancient healing arts, while always learning from the natural world and its ability to heal and be healed.

Before training as a craniosacral therapist, I worked for 15 years in business and finance, my last position being Finance Director of a boutique PR agency in London. My experience of the corporate world has given me a good business knowledge but has also shown me how the stresses of modern life can adversely affect our health and behaviour.

I continue to learn and study whenever I can, weaving all I have learnt into my teaching. I am currently immersed in a PhD programme at Pacifica Graduate Institute, studying Depth Psychology with an emphasis on Jungian and archetypal studies.
vanessa hodge

Vanessa Hodge

Founder of THE HODGE CENTRE based in London W1, I work with a whole health philosophy to support optimal vitality in a clients system. I am a biodynamic craniosacral therapist, a trainee psychotherapist and teach yoga, pranayama and meditation. Combining these practices to facilitate healing in the body, mind and spirit.

Prior to this I built and owned a fashion production company, organizing photo shoots for leading creatives and couture brands - building offices and client bases in NYC, LA and London. I left this world in 2008 to dedicate myself wholly to my passions.

Since 2000 I have had the privilege of studying with the finest teachers focused on a steady practice of Buddhist meditation, yoga, biodynamic craniosacral bodywork, and mindfulness based contemplative practices.

As well as one to one work in private practice I hold retreat programs that truly inspire wellness in people. Retreats are held in the UK and further afield in locations of natural beauty, with nourishing, organic food; offering a comprehensive program over 3-4 days.

I am completing an MA in mindfulness based psychotherapeutic practice and teach craniosacral biodynamics and mindfulness based programs to undergraduates at the Karuna Institute. I am trained as a yoga teacher and registered with Yoga Alliance.

Through my own experience and that of my clients, I wholeheartedly believe in the transformative power of stillness. Over many years i have repeatedly witnessed the power of intrinsic health and the dynamic healing potential that arises from within.